Expanded Aesthetics

This mod makes the new metal progression (in order of strength):
Gold < Copper < Bronze/Iron < Steel < Mithril < Celestial Bronze/Imperial Gold < Diamond < Obsidian
You can also craft certain cold iron items by combing their iron component with a block of ice in the alloy furnace. When wearing a full set of Cold Iron armor, you gain Fire Resistance in the Nether. In addition, Cold Iron swords do 1.5X damage to all entities while in the Nether.
To see what items I've added to this mod, search for an item using the searchbar above, or check the changelog.

My mod requires Minecraft 1.12, and Minecraft Forge 14.21
To use my mod, download a version from below and place the Jar file in %appdata%\.minecraft\mods


1.3.3 (1.12.2) - Download

  1. Added a break texture to the new furnace model.
  2. Copper Nuggets should have a proper name
  3. Rockin' Around, the Candy Cane Tree, at the Christmas Party Hop....Ah SPIDER!
  4. Added a new mob, the candy cane spider! It looks like a candy cane, comes in two colors and drops candy canes when it dies. It moves faster than you can run and has less health than regular spiders! Muahahaha
  5. Candy Canes can be turned into blocks and can be built with. You can also light a candy cane on fire to make a candy cane torch, just don't lick it!
  6. Added Candy Cane Stairs, Candy Cane Stairs (Alt), Candy Cane Slabs, Candy Cane Lamps, Candy Cane Doors, Candy Cane Lanterns, and Candy Cane Torches.
  7. You can also create a Candy Cane Sword which has 10 uses, deals no damage and pushes your foes faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar away! See you on the other side!
  8. Pumpkin Slimes also now are proper sizes, because who doesn't like a large orange slime jumping towards you?
  9. NOT THE GUMDROP BUTTON! You can now make your very own gingerbread house for Gingy and his wife to live at!
  10. Added new gingerbread items! You can now craft Gingerbread Blocks, Gingerbread Lamps, Gingerbread Lanterns, Gingerbread Doors, Gingerbread Torches, Gingerbread Tables, Gingerbread Chairs, Gingerbread Stairs, Gingerbread Stairs (Alternate), and Gingerbread Slabs!
  11. You can also craft Icing to create Iced Gingerbread Blocks!.
  12. With Ice Gingerbread Blocks, you can craft Iced Gingerbread Stairs, Iced Gingerbread Stairs (Alternate), and Iced Gingerbread Slabs
  13. You can also craft gumdrops of different colors: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue!
  14. Powdered sugar is also now a thing so you can make icing!
  15. Ever wish you could sit on a candy cane at a candy cane table? Well, now you can! See the candy cane chair recipe and the candy cane table recipe!
  16. Added a Long Redstone Repeater that works just like a regular repeater except that it will delay a signal for 1, 2, 3, or 4 seconds respectively.

1.3.2 (1.12.2) - Download

  1. Fixed some things not having a proper localized name.
  2. Fixed that harvesting a strawberry plant would drop blueberry seeds.
  3. Few minor bug fixes

1.3.1 (1.12.2) - Download

  1. Using the new pickaxes should no longer crash the game!
  2. Fixed new axes, hoes, and shovels also not working properly.
  3. Added recipes to the campfire and the furnace that should have been added before. Namely: browned beef, scrambled eggs, salt, pancakes, and toast.

1.3.0 (1.12.2) - Download

  1. Stepped on a few more bugs.
  2. Become a chef! You can now harvest blueberries, strawberries, and bell peppers! You can plant them using seeds just like wheat.
  3. Added heavy cream, flour, salt, butter, bread bowls, chicken broth, pancake batter, tortilla, corn tortilla, ground beef, alfredo sauce, potato soup, potato soup in bread bowl, chicken soup, chicken soup in bread bowl, pancake, chocolate chip pancake, blueberry pancake, apple pancake, scrambled eggs, sliced bread, toast, chicken sandwich, burrito, taco, cheese, browned beef, hamburger, cheeseburger, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream, neopolitan ice cream, pasta, fettuccini alfredo, chicken fettuccini alfredo, salsa, and corn chips. More will be added in the future.
  4. The recipes for Celestial Bronze and Imperial Gold have changed.
  5. Added Stygian Iron to the game.
  6. The alloy furnace can now smelt copper, bronze, and anything else it should have been able to before.
  7. Celestial Bronze and Imperial Gold drop a lot more experience after being smelted.
  8. Fixed the new slabs introduced in the last version!
  9. Disabled the Celestial Bronze and Imperial Gold tool recipes.
  10. Slightly re-balanced all new weapons/tools (Copper/Bronze/Steel/Mithril/Celestial Bronze/Imperial Gold/Stygian Iron) as preliminary fixes for the next update.
  11. Imperial Gold swords now have a 75% chance to set monsters on fire for 4 seconds. Fire consumes ALL!
  12. Celestial Bronze now has a chance to inflict 3 bonus damage. (It starts with a base chance of 30% and goes up 10% on each subsequent swing that doesn't do extra damage.)
  13. Imperial gold now has a base chance of 75% to set your target on fire for 4 seconds on hit. It Burns!!!!!
  14. Stygian Iron now has a chance of 66.6% to apply the wither effect to your target for 4 seconds on hit. The power of wither skeletonds in your hands!
  15. Added a new and improved zombie mob to the game that has a low chance of spawning. He moves faster, has more health, and deals more damage. On death, he will drop rotten flesh, and has a chance to drop strawberry seeds, blueberry seeds, and very rarely a diamond.
  16. Changed the texture of the Obsidian Sword, Celestial Bronze Sword, Imperial Gold Sword, Mithril Sword, and Cold Iron Sword.

1.2.3 (1.12.0) - Download

  1. Squashed some more bugs.
  2. Now you can cut Polished Diorite, Polished Andesite, Polished Granite, Polished Obsidian, Polished Obsidian Bricks, Gold Bricks, Silver Bricks, and Copper Bricks in half to make a slab!
  3. Worried that a creeper might step on your pressure plate at night? Well, just make a silver pressure plate instead. It can only be activated by players!
  4. All stone doors (Polished Andesite, Polished Diorite, Polished Granite, Cobblestone, and Obsidian), now require a button or a pressure plate to open. Aren't you glad there's a silver pressure plate now?
  5. Added the ability to smelt silver ore into silver ingots.
  6. The Alloy Furnace shouldn't eat your precious experience anymore. I've also standardized the amount of XP that smelting certain things gives you.
  7. Cold Iron Armor should also properly apply Fire Resistance in the nether now. No more taking damage from lava! Ha!

1.2.2 (1.12.0) - Download

  1. Fixed custom Gui's still not opening! I found where I misplaced them and put them back.
  2. No more focefully being kicked out when you go to the nether. Remind me why you wanted to go there in the first place though?

1.2.1 (1.12.0) - Download

  1. The Alloy Furnace is now actually a thing. Sorry about that.
  2. Fixed an odd server crash. Don't worry though, it only happened when you tried to launch the minecraft server.
  3. Campfire's should let you smelt things now on a server!
  4. Campfire's also shouldn't revert to an Oak campfire when broken!
  5. Added an Acacia Stable Door

1.2.0 (1.12.0) - Download

  1. Ever wonder why you couldn't make a mithril shovel? Me too. Well now you can, along with copper, bronze, steel, and obsidian!
  2. Farming is easier with an obsidian hoe! As well with a copper, bronze, steel, and mithril hoe!
  3. Because copper is so malleable, a copper pickaxe would bend at first contact. We can't have that now can we. No worries though, you can smash things with a copper hammer instead. It works just like a wood pickaxe, but lasts longer and does more damage! Woo!
  4. Copper ore is boring, so how about some copper nuggets instead? Starting today, all copper ore will drop nuggets. Any left over ore can be crafted into two nuggets each.
  5. Copper ain't so hard anymore. You're hand can mine it now.
  6. Gone are the days of not being able to repair your silver swords. The anvil has been taught how to repair them. I even gave it a crash course on copper, bronze, steel, mithril, and obsidian tools.
  7. The old crafting table was hiddeous so I've changed the way it looks. And to spice things up, I also added a custom crafting table for each of the different woods! Enjoy!
    DISCLAIMER: Because of how minecraft works I cannot automatically upgrade all current crafting tables to the new model. Thus, I have added a recipe to allow you to do so.
  8. Birch is no longer different from the other woods. It now has a lamp and lantern for all your lighting needs.
  9. The old furnace was just a cube. The new furnace, while still a cube, has some character to it.
  10. Speaking for furnaces. I introduce to you a new upgrade! The Alloy Furnace! Available in white only. It has these properties:
    To craft this new furnace, check here!
    1. Has two input slots instead of one! Oooo
    2. Can smelt mithril ore into mithril ingots
    3. Can turn iron ingots into steel ingots by combining two of them together. Ahhh
    4. Fuel burns faster as the furnace requires a higher temperature.
    5. The regular furnace can no longer smelt celestial bronze nuggets, but the Alloy Furnace can!
    6. The regular furnace can no longer smelt imperial gold nuggets, but the Alloy Furnace can!
    7. The regular furnace can no longer smelt mithril ore, but the Alloy Furnace can!
    8. Things that can be crafted in a regular furnace smelt faster in this furnace. Oooo
  11. Do you get cold at night? Are you afraid of zombies eating your brains? Well, say goodbye to those miserable nights. I introduce to you the Campfire! It's sure to keep monsters away. As an added bonus, you can even cook food over the campfire! Nifty huh!
    The campfire comes in 6 types: Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, and Dark Oak. It can also be used to smelt copper nuggets into copper ingots. See how to craft it here!
  12. Looking for new ways to express yourself? Try out these new armors (in order of protection): Copper > Bronze > Steel > Cold Iron > Mithril > Imperial Gold / Celestial Bronze
  13. Cold Iron Sword can now be crafted! They deal 1.5X damage to entities in the Nether (which makes them deal more damage than Diamond Swords, but only in the nether!) Take that Zombie Pigmen!
  14. Ooo! It Burns! Well not anymore. Wearing a full set of Cold Iron Armor gives you fire resistance in the nether! How ice.
  15. The recipe to craft polished obsidian is no longer unique. It now gives four polished obsidian blocks instead of three.
  16. If you're wondering what I have planned: Mirrors made out of silver, more chest types, balance updates, more shields, damage bonuses against certain creatures for Celestial Bronze, Imperial Gold, and Cold Iron. Just to name a few things...

1.1.1 (1.12.0) - Download

  1. Fixed some recipes not working
  2. Fixed lamps not having flames
  3. Fixed the texture near the bottom of the oak lamp
  4. Added recipe for Birch Lamp

1.1.0 (1.12.0) - Download

  1. Lanterns can now be hung on the underside of stairs and fences
  2. Fixed the missing texture for dark oak stairs alt
  3. Added Polished Andesite, Glass (All Colors),Polished Granite, Terracotta, and Polished Obsidian Stairs
  4. Added Acacia Wood, Polished Andesite, Birch Wood, Brick, Cobblestone, Glass (All Colors), Polished Granite, Jungle Wood, Terracotta, Polished Obsidian, and Spruce Wood Stairs (Alternate)
  5. New stair recipes now produce 4 instead of 3
  6. New stair (alternate) recipes now produce 2 instead of 3
  7. Modified the texture of the Polished Obsidian Door
  8. Misc name adjustments
  9. Added Gold Brick blocks (crafted from a stone brick an a gold ingot), Gold Brick Stairs, and Gold Brick Stairs - Alternate
  10. Added Copper Brick blocks (crafted from a stone brick an a copper ingot), Copper Brick Stairs, and Copper Brick Stairs - Alternate
  11. Added Silver Brick blocks (crafted from a stone brick an a silver ingot), Silver Brick Stairs, and Silver Brick Stairs - Alternate
  12. Fixed Bronze Nugget recipe to produce 9 bronze nuggets instead of 1
  13. Modified Celestial Bronze nuggets recipe to require 2 bronze nuggets instead of 6
  14. Modified Imperial Gold nuggets recipe to require 1 gold ore instead of 3 gold ore
  15. Modified Imperial Gold ingot recipe to require 1 gold ingot instead of 3 gold ingots
  16. Added the ability to smelt copper ore into copper ingots

1.0.3 (1.11.2) - Download

  1. You should now be able to smelt copper, tin, platinum, steel, imperial gold, celestial bronze, and cold iron in a forge.
  2. Reduced the efficiency (how fast a block is mined) of silver tools to be equal to stone.
  3. Increased the efficiency of mithril tools slightly.
  4. Decreased the efficiency of celestial bronze tools.
  5. Increased efficiency on imperial gold tools.
  6. Increased the efficiency and decreased the enchantibility of obsidian tools.
  7. Stable doors, and many other doors now drop themselves when broken
  8. Added ore blocks for all the new ores

1.0.2 (1.11.2) - Download

  1. Mithril tools and weapons have had their attack speeds and attack damages reduced so that Celestial Bronze and Imperial Gold can reign supreme again, as far as metals go.
  2. Bronze, Steel, Mithril, Celestial Bronze, and Imperial Gold axe's are now effective against all fences and gates, and cut cactus blocks.
  3. Just kidding. New ores now drop their respective blocks.
  4. Added Obsidian Axe, Pickaxe, and Sword. Crush your enemies under the weight of this stone.

1.0.1 (1.11.2) - Download

  1. Certain items no longer disappear when mined from the world. (Basically all new metal ores, lamps, lanterns...)